Five Tips To Keep Your Windows Looking Like New

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Through the pandemic, companies had no choice but to switch to remote working. The change meant people got most of their work done from home, but that also meant that offices and buildings were no longer used as much for office spaces. People would make changes to the work that they handled and even move to the countryside.

We were fortunate because many of our clients would call us to work in their homes and offices, while there were no people around. For the most part., we found that it was challenging for us to do the work that we normally did because we had to work in person. Many did not want to interact with us with chances that they could catch the Coronavirus.

When it comes to cleaning window panes, we found that there were some aspects of our jobs that were quite easy to handle. However, others were a nightmare because people would use anything and everything to stick items on their windows. There are some items we have to use if we are planning on sticking something on the video for a long time and there are other items that have to be used to stick something on the window temporarily. We created a list of steps that people could follow if they wanted their windows to stay as clean and fresh as possible without too much effort from their end. There were many changes that they had to get through, but they were easy to process if they understood the changes.

Tip #1: Don’t tape things to the window, instead, use suction cups
There are various approaches that people take when they are adding paper, boards, or banners to their windows. However, not everything works the same way and different items have a varying impact on the glass. While cleaning glass can be done by professionals, all items do not come off the glass as easily. While some certain glues and pastes might work well, we recommend that they use suction cups because those do not stain, are long-lasting, and come off with ease when they want to make a change.

Tip #2: Don’t ever hose down your windows because it can cause hard water spots
Different parts of the country have different types of water and many of these can cause stains on the glass. While some stains can be cleaned, others might be challenging to get off and might even need the pane to be replaced. You should use a professional window cleaner and other alternatives that would solve the issue without spoiling the panes.

Tip #3: Adjust sprinklers or install drip irrigation near windows so you protect them from hard water deposits
In many of the homes, we noticed that the windows that were connected or close to the garden had issues with them. There were times when the water from the sprinklers would splash on the floor next to the window and there would be mud marks on the windows of the water would fall on the glass and their would-be stains. You want to make sure that the sprinklers are not aimed at the windows and if there is water falling nearby, you might want to rearrange them so that the windows are protected.

Tip #4: Keep trees and bushes trimmed and away from windows for them to stay clean longer
Other than water spilling through, you have to worry about other issues like dust, leaves touching your window panes, and so much more. Make sure you clean your windows regularly so that they do not get stains that you would have trouble getting rid of at a later point in time. You should keep plants and foliage away from your windows if you want to spend less time washing and keeping them clean.

Tip #5: Have your windows cleaned regularly to avoid the buildup of dirt
Have your windows cleaned regularly to avoid the buildup that may need scraping to remove after neglecting for too long. Have a professional clean the windows as often as possible. They should also do a thorough job instead of getting through the process with water and wipes. You want to be using the correct liquids when you are cleaning those windows. Additionally, you want to make sure that you use the proper equipment so that there aren't any scratches on the windows or damage to the window panes.

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