The COVID Precautions That We Have To Follow To Stay Safe

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Many changes were taking place through the pandemic, with companies unsure how they would get through them all. Most of them were no longer allowed to leave their homes and head to the office because most of the countries kept going through nationwide lockdowns whenever there was a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Many companies had to start moving to remote working, which was not challenging for companies who coordinated their work in person. Jobs that were similar to the work that we were handling were finding it challenging to keep up. Companies and businesses working in construction, hospitality, mechanical work and even household assistance like carpentry and plumbing had to hit the brakes on their service until the Government eased up on their restrictions. While working at a company that handles similar work, we found it challenging to get a lot of work, especially during the peak of the pandemic.

While many countries are easing up on their rules and regulations relating to the COVID pandemic, the virus is still around. In most places, whenever they have a spike in the number of cases, they usually implement national lockdowns so that the number of infected people drops. While the lockdowns were a benefit to the lives of many people, it was quite challenging for companies to keep shutting shop and working remotely. Furthermore, businesses marked as essential service and the people working within them did not get a choice but had to stay open because they were assisting with the COVID 19 efforts and protecting and assisting people during the pandemic.

The changes that were taking place were quite radical, with nothing similar predicted until that point. COVID continues to impact our customers and us. We service a lot of retailers and restaurants that were heavily impacted due to shutdowns. We look forward to the day when everything will be open again, and we go back to the way things were in the past.

We implemented the necessary safety protocols, including mandatory wearing of masks, following social distancing and so on to keep the people we interact with safe. Besides, we now have limited in-person contact with our crews. They now come in once a week to pick up work instead of daily, to limit the possibility of spread within our operation. Additionally, we make sure that the people we are working with are clean and tested often.

Like most of the companies during the pandemic, we had to make many changes as well. We rely on telephone and email more heavily now than we did in the past. Furthermore, we started utilizing options on the internet for estimates so we can limit our on-site visits. We have a combination of work at the office space and from home. We also spend time in the homes of our clients usually working on getting everything cleaned up there. Communication becomes so much more significant when you don’t see your coworkers on a day-to-day basis. We also started taking notes for items that we need to discuss with our coworkers, which is an important part of the day. In the past, we would visit our clients and people in general without worrying too much, but we had to make some changes now because we cannot do that as freely.

We limit the number of people in our office to four at one specific time and can accomplish the change by staggering the arrival time of field techs who are coming in to pick up work. Additionally, we have disinfecting products indicated for effectiveness against COVID for wiping surfaces and touchpoints, hand sanitizers, and we also use an HVLP fogger.

Our office staff decreased the number of hours they were spending working, due to a drop in business because many of the orders were shutting down. We are trying to work the same number of hours, but we are not getting very far, and it has become quite challenging. Additionally, we did not have to make a lot of other changes. Some companies changed the servers and processes that they use to make sure their information is secure, but we did not have to handle a change like that because we handle most of our work offline, and the details that we pass around are not that secure.

Now that the restrictions are easing up significantly, we are open to meeting clients and others in person. We have a massive in-person requirement to meet clients because we cannot always provide an estimate online. However, we verify that all protocols are followed, including the usual social distancing and masking protocol.

Besides, we are open to meetings via video conference as well. We work with any approach that our clients do not have an issue with. Some of the platforms that we use are Zoom, Hangouts, WhatsApp, among others. Furthermore, we are looking forward to taking part in virtual public events and business Expos as well.

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