Commercial Window Cleaning Services

ProSource, is a leader in commercial window cleaning services. We go above and beyond ensuring satisfaction starting at the first knock. When our commercial window cleaning specialists show up at your at your business, they will be mindful and courteous of you and your clients. The ProSource commercial window cleaning services staff will work around your complex schedules and will do all things necessary to avoid disruption of your work.

When you are in need of a service we will take care of you! We provide commercial window cleaning services for restaurants, banks, small businesses, retail centers, storefront, retirement homes, apartment complexes, hospital, industrial, airports and more.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services – Quality is the Safest Way

Commercial Window Cleaning Smaller Buildings

When it comes to commercial window cleaning, we understand that time is of the essence. For smaller sized buildings, each individual window is hand-scrubbed and squeegee dried and all edges and frames are towel dried to ensure no streaking or spotting – thats professional window cleaning!

Commercial Window Cleaning Larger Buildings

For larger sized buildings, we use the same method but a lift may be necessary when safe. If a lift is not a safe option due to limited concrete areas, new landscaping, or the building is surrounded by sand dunes, we will utilize our water-fed pole system. The water-fed pole system is a unique way to take care of large commercial window cleaning.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services – Consistently Clean Windows

Our customers typically have their windows cleaned twice a year while others have them cleaned bi-weekly. We offer customizable hassle-free window cleaning maintenance plans. Our maintenance plan pre-schedules you for 1 year of services ensuring your preferred dates. You set this up one time and you will never have to call again to set up an appointment. Now-a-days time is money and you shouldn’t have to spend time setting up window cleaning for your business.